Costa Rica myths and legendsSatellite World has been remarkably participating recently, peradventure as a class of resist against our opprobrious demeanour! From the beginnings of clock, thither deliver been legends and myths roughly earthquakes and volcanoes. In Rib Rica, a demesne constantly in crusade, thither are tales from the antediluvian tribes who lived in fright of the heavyweight volcanoes such as Turrialba and Irazu. In meter these legends sustain turn function of Rib Rican civilization.

The fable of the Poas vent has to be one of the nearly master and beautiful of Cardinal America. Poas has e’er been known for its two craters and its sensational views. Its abundant plant and beast are mesmeric, about peculiarly, the innumerous birds that look in dwell the unhurt ar; thither was a boo with a call of a gilt timber, the Rualdo. The Rualdo is rather green in appearing but its birdcall is aforementioned to deliver magic properties.

According to the fable, it became the fold comrade of a young beautiful miss who lived nearby with her clan. The priest-doctor had been ontogeny quite direful of the herculean vent and one day, he distinct to impose the bellowing crater and ask the vent how it could be appeased. To the old man’s consternation, the vent had just one bid; the biography of the young inaugural. The Priest-doctor agreed. She was dragged at the boundary of the crater, panicky and mendicancy for her biography. The Rualdo, a fold supporter, dived into the crater, in maliciousness of the acute passion, the flames and the john, to pass  his birdsong in change of the missy’s animation. The mantrap of the vocal brought crying to the vent, flooding the crater and creating what we cry tod the Botos Laguna. Rualdo bequeath ne’er blab again, but he has a brilliant feather of common, dark and golden feathers.

The Nahua , or Gatusos, of Guanacaste believed that the mettle of the batch of their Aztec ancestors, that they called the Tepeyollotl, had around wizard superpower and could restraint the Land and its earthquakes. Ordinarily delineate as a vehement jaguar bounce towards the sun, one can easy opine this archaic effect gashing out of the mettle of the mountains, same a big cat surprising his target.

Another caption, the Cipactli, is real standardised to a taradiddle from Japan; it says that Japan lies on a vast wolffish, and when it turns, it creates an temblor.; the Nahua says that N and Fundamental America lay on the binding of a big pacify cayman, Capactli. The animal was erst caught by the Gods and Northward and Key America was situated on its backrest to hold it from escaping. Whenever he shakes and twists to try and leak, the land shakes.

The Chorotegas’s ancestors, the Mayan, brought these legends to Nicoya on their errands crossways Fundamental America. According to the lore, the Land was a hearty and at apiece box stood a God called a Vashakmen who watched complete the multitude. Whenever it became overcrowded, they only puff on the corners to brand approximately citizenry drop off. It is a goodness job these Gods are not too care some the universe nowadays…Or, are they?

Turrialba’s myth is more wild-eyed: Erst thither was a young initiatory, Cira, who fly in passion with a warrior from a unlike kin; this was completely taboo. But her bosom would not hear to rationality: She loose from her hamlet to expend about sentence with her devotee.  Her don, who was the settlement headman, followed her one day and caught the two lovers.  He was infuriated and now asked his archers to remove the couple.  Short, the unanimous woodland seemed to get animated and a immense cavern open up and engulfed the young lovers to prophylactic. Always since that day, gage and steamer bear been rebellion from that fix. And so Turrialba was natural, a website of passion and passionateness.

Indomitable Irazu, at the feet of the Metropolis of Cartago, stands potently against the horizon. The ascendent’s leader Aquitaba‘s pet girl was called Irazu, or Iztaru. Their hamlet was at war with the challenger hamlet Guarco, that treasured to be in ascendance of the total vale. Aquitaba took his girl Irazu to the highest crown and offered her to the Gods to gruntle them and to ask for their assistant. The Gods took her. As the struggle came conclusion to an end, Aquitaba called the liveliness of his girl and in an minute the batch began to expectoration firing and befuddle ashes and rocks, destroying the foe and e’erymatter in its itinerary. Irazu is the lonesome distaff vent of the country.

Volcanoes and Seism are herculean force-out in movement of which we are powerless and dire. Thither is nix we can do to obviate their anger if you are in their way, or hap to be at the incorrect clock, at the awry office. It is not surprising that such legends were natural.

They likewise prompt us that Satellite World is a animation entity, rental us subsist on her gall, providing us with nutrient, piss and protection. We reckon alone on this satellite that is, according to scientist, rarer in the Cosmos than antecedently intellection! We should be ashamed at what we do and surveil the instance of our ancestors who idolised and saved their big fuss.

Legends of Costa Rica

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