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This is contribution 6 of our on-going reportage with many updates most the monumental 8.9 9.0 seism / tsunami which stricken Japan on Marchland 11 2011.

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For an genuine in-depth paper on harm, fatalities, injured, etc delight confer our “ No. 5 No. 6 Update CATDAT Sum-up of Sendai Price “.

Fukushima tsunami

Tsunami wafture Japan, effigy courtesy

UPDATE 15:04 UTC : Japanese governance has distinct (in covered damage) to check electricity product at the Fukushima atomic superpower set formerly is it is safely stopped-up .

UPDATE 15:00 UTC : Japan Ardour Section has resumed chilling Fukushima reactor act 3 with piss hosing .

UPDATE 14:56 UTC : The aftershock infra has been recalculated at 5.8 at a profundity of 45.7 (USGS information)

Epicenter lone 10 km from Funakoshi Bay ! JMA chroma so far is 4 (on a shell of 7)

Iwate prefecture has the highest strength assess. Aomori, Miyagi and Akita strength JMA 3.

92 km (57 miles) ESE (115°) from Morioka, Honshu, Japan

UPDATE 10:35 UTC : The unthinkable resulted in a glad end for 2 mass in Ishinomaki as they were reclaimed to prophylactic afterwards an unbelievable 9 years. The delivery of the 80 year old womanhood and a boy from 16 years can be truly called providential.

UPDATE 10:33 UTC : The Fukushima atomic reactor no. 3 is not yet in a unchanging Prophylactic term but engineers distinct NOT to dismission radioactive steamer against their sooner intentions.

Japan Ego Defence forces sprayed 80 oodles of h2o on reactor nr. 4 , and sustain concluded this process.

Approx. 50 km from Choshi and 119 km (73 miles) ESE of TOKYO, Japan- Max. JMA 3

Approx. 35 km from Form and 72 km (44 miles) SE of Sendai, Honshu, Japan- Max. JMA 3

Only 28 km (17 miles) ESE of Iwaki, Honshu, Japan- Max. JMA 4

Approx. 60 km out of the Minamisoma coast- Max. JMA 4

UPDATE 08:02 UTC : Adaptation 6 of James Daniell CATDAT Sendai / Heavy Eastward / Tohoku Japan quake database has been uploaded. Clink on  the nexus on the speed function of this pageboy to sustain an overview of the introduce spot. We are publication based on localization and prefecture, the act of Universe, Fatalities, Wanting, Injured, Severely Injured, Collapsed houses, Part ruined houses, Partly discredited houses, Add Fires, etcetera etcetera , too hanker to cite it hither.

This stuff can likewise be victimized for scientific purposes.

Republishing is allowed SOLE if CATDAT, James Daniell and are mentioned on top of the clause.

UPDATE 07:35 UTC : The smidge of this clause is a vicious one, but volition check literal for hopefully solitary a match of years more. The numbers bear been increasing boost to :

Remember : we just issue Functionary numbers from the regime (Japan government can be sure)

UPDATE 20/03-00:12 UTC : A immense media floor 8 years abaft the seism,  showed a man who was miraculously reclaimed. The miracle deliver came 1 day abaft the Hunting  & Delivery teams stopped-up their lookup to receive survivors.

This man proven that the SAR mass were wrongfulness.

NO, they were not wrongfulness. The man did fled in meter to higher reason and stayed many years in an voidance gist nearby. On the day that he was detected  and reclaimed, he but went to his collapsed theater and was “constitute” by deliver mass enwrapped in a tack against the frigidness.

UPDATE 22:48 UTC : The spot at the Fukushima atomic index embed is slow up. Two reactors are now machine-accessible to extraneous superpower, a critical component for refuge.

The irrigate temperature is falling at reactor nr. 5

Overview of a figure of aftershocks which occurred on Border 19 JST (Japan Stock Sentence)

JMA description of 5+ : “Cracks in the walls, overturning of gravestones, gemstone lanterns etcetera, wrong to chimneys and gemstone fences.” “It is substantially hard to continue standing. In houses, slim terms is broadly sustained. A balmy reason can schism or breakage. Precarious furniture waterfall ended.”

Unfortunately the combined destruction/absent price has risen to complete 19,000, with approximately 7500 killed and 11600 wanting. Miyagi continues to be the pip hit, with Iwate and Fukushima likewise having expectant losings.

UPDATE: Billet Reputation 5 from CATDAT and is now uncommitted. DOG SUPRA!

Unfortunately the combined end and wanting price has risen to terminated 18,000.

UPDATE 18:23 UTC : Attack Section from Tokyo was dispatched to the Fukushima Daiichi Atomic Ability Place and put-upon a irrigate shank that can flak from a exceptional heights billet to poise the tumultuous reactor . Restoring ability to the set bequeath not materialize presently. The Japanese governance has embossed the Fukushima fortuity to layer 5, which is match than the atomic stroke at Trey Mi Island , USA

CATDAT and confront the 4th world scathe paper combination all style of Japanese sources. It testament be on-line in a few proceedings nether the supra contact.

The casualty summate has risen well again nowadays. 6,911 are numb, and 10,754 are absent. You can detent on the CATDAT Succinct of Sendai Scathe supra for all entropy. The pip touched prefectures are Miyagi (4030 killed, 2214 absent), Iwate (2223 killed, 4253 wanting) and Fukushima (602 killed, 4282 wanting).

In over-the-counter tidings, the reactor problems cover, yet this leave hopefully be single-minded by the end of the weekend, with reports climax done of glower temperatures.

UPDATE 07:55 UTC : Unluckily roughly rattling bad word too : The expiry cost has increased to 6,539 .

With 6539 confirmed killed, this makes the largest expiry price from an

Kobe killed 6434 citizenry.

As of 07:00 UTC 18/03, the Home  Constabulary birth aforesaid that 6539 let been killed, and 10354 are absent , principally from Iwate, Miyagi and Fukushima Provinces.

UPDATE 07:55 UTC : More near word at the Fukushima atomic powerfulness works where SDF (Japan Ego Defence Forces) were injecting piddle in the reactors with ardor trucks. TEPCO, the index flora proprietor, is trustfull that the chilling systems may be restored on Saturday . This would be enceinte intelligence as this would end the superdangerous atomic stroke.

UPDATE 07:50 UTC : At least about beneficial newsworthiness for the Honshu coastal settlements smitten by the tsunami. The magnitude and frequence of the aftershocks is chronic to drop-off . Since midnight UTC sole 3 aftershocks were recorded at values of 5.2, 5.4 and 5.5.

UPDATE 18/3 – 00:50 UTC : We suffer added a exceptional paginate to “ discernment the M 9.0 Sendai temblor and tsunami ” – Dawn hither to impose this varlet

UPDATE 23:20 UTC : Most 300,000 citizenry are organism accommodated in 2,200 shelters. In, Miyagi Prefecture 166,000 mass get establish a protection, Fukushima Prefecture 47,000, Iwate Prefecture has 48,000 evacuees and the Kanto realm (includingTokyo) 20,000.

UPDATE 18:57 UTC : Let’s land around electropositive newsworthiness on Fukushima atomic might plants. Radiotherapy reduced a picayune afterward the Japan Ego Denial Forces injected weewee by heart trucks.

UPDATE 15:57 UTC : All actions to poise pile roughly of the Fukushima Daiichi atomic reactors by whirlybird appear to bear failed . More engineers are on place to mold what to do adjacent.

International atomic specialists are accenting  that this catastrophe cannot be compared with the Tjernobyl fortuity, which was a lot more detrimental and carried more wellness risks to the mass livelihood in a blanket r approximately the flora.

UPDATE 15:46 UTC : A brawny aftershock of magnitude 5.8 at a profoundness of 30 km occuured on the Fukushima sea-coast . The max. JMA evaluate was 4 for about locations in the pursuit prefectures : Fukushima, Miyagi and Ibaraki.

UPDATE 15:27 UTC : Many thousands of citizenry testament let been killed by the tsunami on Abut 11 having religion in the extra Tsunami barriers who had to protect them from the red sea. A big issue of these so called Tsunami walls were only water-washed out. Kamaichi is a arrant exemplar of such a ruined township bastioned by vast concrete strengthened tsunami walls.

The earthquake-report closing : in vitrine of an selfsame knock-down tsunami, nr. 1 quantity : EMPTY TO HIGHER EVIDENCE !!!

UPDATE 14:41 UTC : Lacking up to 9522. CATDAT Update v2 including all known terms has been uploaded . Dawn hither to chaffer this varlet .

UPDATE 13:18 UTC : The Miyagi Prefecture has disposed their about late results. We leave

give an in-depth drumhead presently.

In former word, for the Sendai Earthquake the demise bell has risen to 5692, and the wanting cost to 9506. This brings the add to 15198 citizenry.

UPDATE 13:06 UTC : The rolled blackouts living on occurring crosswise Japan. Miscellaneous reports

UPDATE 11:58 UTC : For all our russian users, thither is a heavy

article in the imperativeness victimization CATDAT information.

Разрушительное землетрясение обойдется Японии в $100 млрд

UPDATE 11:52 UTC : We just promulgated a new adaptation of our discredited Prefecture and Cities

leaning. Chink hither to chaffer this varlet.

UPDATE 11:47 UTC : According to the modish drumhead of the patrol, the bit of citizenry

missing or deadexceeded 15,000.

UPDATE 11:46 UTC : According to the Ministry of Demurrer, 35 transactions and 7 pm for the Whole

3 chilling Fukushima Daiichi atomic superpower embed, two attack engines with

high force pee carom started.

UPDATE 11:08 UTC : Astern reviewing the JMA information we can resolve that this seism which touched the Aomori and Iwate prefectures was recorded at a magnitude of 5.8 at a profoundness of 20 km .  The esteem of the JMA shell (O to 7) was max. 4 (compared to a 6 or 6+ for the Abut 11 (tsunami) and Butt 15 Wax Fuji temblor.

UPDATE 10:49 UTC : A identical stiff aftershock in the coastal ar of Iwati prefecture and roughly 30 km from Kuji , has been experient by the Kuji citizenry as a VI MMI.

As a lot of buildings bear been discredited by the fierce quiver f the Borderland 11 quake, a VI MMI can be the palpitation too practically.

This temblor is an aftershock in the like shift arena than the Marching 11 mainshock, but at a completely diffrent localization. It is rattling concerning that these rattling potent aftershocks are start to shiver altogether unlike areas.

UPDATE 10:43 UTC : According to Japan Internal Patrol, who is the countries prescribed representative, 5,583 multitude are confirmed killed and an extra 9,594 is calm absent .

UPDATE 10:41 UTC : Japan is really overturn that so many governments in the earth are request their multitude to exit the commonwealth. About of the governments are winning this determination because they look that on top of the earthquake-risk, the Japanese government are not trusty on their atomic radiotherapy reports.

UPDATE 10:34 UTC : Earthquake-Report has reinvigorated his real elaborate CATDAT lean, summoring the fatalities, injured, etc statistics per prefecture and metropolis. Dawn hither to sojourn this foliate.

UPDATE 17/03 – 07:57 UTC : Prescribed sources get confirmed that until now 5,198 deaths let been counted. 9,429 multitude are silence wanting. This numeral of absent citizenry reflects alone the turn registered with the regime. Prescribed sources now say that the net routine may be in the tens of thousands.

UPDATE 16/03 – 22:20 UTC : U.S. soldiery , portion the Japanese with the tsunami consequence, sustain to check forth at least 70 km from of the discredited Fukushima Daiichi atomic implant.

UPDATE 21:57 UTC : We just promulgated a new rendering of our discredited Prefecture and Cities number . Penetrate hither to sojourn this paginate.

UPDATE 21:50 UTC : Japan’s Emperor Akihito appeared on Internal TV to limited understanding for citizenry unnatural by the roughshod Tsunami.

UPDATE 19:00 UTC : The turn of fatalities birth risen to 4,340 with 9,000 multitude wanting, which brings the tally of sham killed citizenry to 13,340.

UPDATE 08:53 UTC : The routine of fatalities deliver risen to 3,771 with 8,181 masses wanting, which brings the aggregate of fictive killed multitude to nigh 12,000.

UPDATE 08:50 UTC : The Fukushima atomic mightiness engraft stroke place is quieten unreadable, but at the convinced position, we can reputation that the set workers are again allowed in the powerfulness works (they sustain been coherent to desperately empty on Tuesday).

UPDATE 08:46 UTC : 80,000 Japan Self-protection Forces are operative day and nighttime in the chronic Hunting and Delivery operations . The slit diminishes by the minute due to dehydratation and overwinter  weather (freeze frigidity and snow).

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